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BioBlitz – The Natural History Consortium

BioBlitz - The Natural History Consortium

Wildlife recording in the UK is a triumph of public contribution to our collective knowledge of the natural world. Devoted volunteers and enthusiasts generate vast databanks supporting environmental policy, research and practice with baseline data for thousands of native and non-native UK species. However, as threats to UK wildlife mount and the need to grow the evidence base for effective conservation becomes increasingly dire, are we currently harnessing the full potential of public participation in environmental recording?


One way that many groups are trying to broaden participation and showcase the amazing value of biodiversity data is BioBlitz.


BioBlitz is a collaborative race against the clock to discover as many species of plants, animals and fungi as possible, within a set location, over a defined time period (usually 24 hours).


It is an informal and fun way to create a snapshot of the variety of life that can be found in an area. Bringing scientists, students and members of the public together provides an opportunity for participants to learn together and share their expertise and enthusiasm for nature. This is a great way of breaking down barriers to engagement with science and raising awareness of the role of biological recording, upskilling wildlife enthusiasts whilst casting the net wider to introduce new audiences.


The Natural History Consortium (NHC) has been heavily involved in developing the format with local event deliverers and strategic partners ever since, coordinating the National BioBlitz Network since 2010 and co-chairing the European Working Group on BioBlitz since 2017. Each year between 50 and 80 BioBlitz events receive support from the network. As a collective, we continue to build a strong community of practice around BioBlitz and its derivative formats, providing advocacy, conducting research into the outcomes and developing new resources for the sector.


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All are welcome



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If you have any queries, please phone 0117 325 2891 or email

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Phone: 0117 325 2891


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For more information about The Natural History Consortium search The Natural History Consortium in this directory.


Visit the National Bioblitz Network page on The Natural History Consortium website


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