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An Introduction to Eating Disorders – Bitesize – Liverpool CAMHS

An Introduction to Eating Disorders - Bitesize - Liverpool CAMHS

Members of the Liverpool CAMHS Partnership design and deliver an ongoing programme of training opportunities.

Underpinned by therapeutic models, Liverpool CAMHS Training is designed to educate and empower professionals, parents and carers as we strive to improve the knowledge and understanding of mental health among children and young people.


Bitesize - Many of these training opportunities are bite-size, up to one hour long, and are delivered personally online by a mental health professional.


An Introduction to Eating Disorders

Delivered by Rhiann Barrett, from the MYA RAISE Team, this Bitesize course gives an introduction to Eating Disorders in children and young people.

Highlighting the different types of Eating Disorders (focusing on Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Other Specific Feeding / Eating Disorder [OSFED], Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder [ARFID]), the causes of Eating Disorders and the impact upon health and wellbeing.

Information will also be provided on signposting to local and national services and pathways to support.

Leaning outcomes:

  • Understanding of what an Eating Disorder is and the different types
  • Knowledge of the causes / risk factors of an Eating Disorder
  • Insight into the signs and symptoms to look out for
  • Strategies to support a child or young person with an Eating Disorder including signposting


Who is this aimed at?

This course is for those working with children and young people (in any capacity), and parents, carers, or those caring for children and young people.



Monday 24th June 2024



4pm to 5pm



Online - via Zoom 

You will receive confirmation of this from the deliverer via email prior to the course date.





How to get involved

To book a place on one of the training events, you will need to register as a user.

Visit the Training page on the Liverpool CAMHS website


Certificates of attendance will only be issued to the lead event booker – not additional delegates made on the same booking. If you require a personal certificate, please ensure you proceed with your own individual booking.


Contact details

Rhiann Barrett



General Enquiries - Merseyside Youth Association


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