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Helping your child with school anxiety

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Helping your child with school anxiety

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If your child is worrying about school: 

  • Talk about what’s worrying them. If it feels like lots of things, use open questions to try and get to the bottom of one or two of the most important things. If your child struggles with this, you could suggest they keep a mood journal to keep track of when they’re feeling anxious and what has caused it.  
  • Talk about if any of the things they’re worried about could be changed. For example, if they’re anxious about where they sit in a classroom, or how they get to/from school.  
  • Speak to teachers or pastoral staff at school about what your child is worried about, see if they have any extra information to help you understand it, and share with them your and your child’s concerns and anything that would make it easier. 
  • Where there are things that can’t be changed, make a plan with your child for how to cope. Look into breathing exercises, fidget toys and other things that can help your child manage their emotions.  
  • Work out a plan for each morning before school so that it’s the same each day. Having something that stays the same each day will help your child feel more in control before going out to school. 
  • Create a ‘worry box’ with your child, where they write down all their worries and store them. Getting the worries out of your child’s head and written down helps the brain process worry. 

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