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The Somerville Heart Foundation

Information, advice and support for young people and adults born with a congenital heart condition.


How we are making a difference

There are over 250,000 adults who were born with a heart condition (CHD) living in the UK. The Somerville Heart Foundation (previously GUCH Patients Association) supports adults born with heart disease (ACHD). The charity exists to create a world where they receive excellent medical care and lead happy, healthy lives.  


To do this, we aim to -

  • Provide all congenital heart patients with accurate, timely information and advice. Allowing them to grasp opportunities, make informed decisions and make positive lifestyle choices

  • Combat isolation and poverty for congenital heart patients and their families

  • Fight discrimination through campaigns, education and the promotion of congenital heart patients’ rights

  • Enable congenital heart patients to share, learn from experiences, and support each other.


But we cannot do it alone. To ensure they enjoy access to every opportunity, are free from discrimination, and are fully supported throughout their lives, we need your help.


How we are changing lives

The newly launched Membership Scheme is another step in helping us achieve our vision of a world where ACHD patients receive excellent medical care and lead longer healthier lives.  All we ask is that Members provide some details upon logging in.  This information will enable us to provide tailored services such as our Growing Older campaign, and area-specific information.  The more we can engage with the ACHD community, the better the service we can offer.

  • Advocacy and peer support

  • Social community groups

  • Access to well-being counselling

  • Employment law specialist

  • Life and travel insurance and brokers

  • Financial support

  • Annual Conference

  • Regular Online events, webinars & meetups

  • Quarterly ACHD newsletter


Contact details

Phone: 01473 252007



For further information

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