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The EaCES Handbook

We are EaCES (pronounced ee-ay-cez) - that stands for Estranged and Care Estranged Students. 

Our mission is to provide a central space that signposts to support and guidance that is accessible to our community in all areas of our lives, with a particular focus on supporting access to further and higher education.

We are a peer support platform by and for students who are estranged, care experienced, care leavers, orphaned and at risk of/wishing to become estranged. We also seek to raise awareness of our existence and to encourage colleges/universities, governing bodies, widening access programmes and schools to up their support. Our project covers the UK and Ireland. We are all volunteers.


What is The EaCES Handbook?

The EaCES Handbook is a virtual guide written by over 90 estranged and care experienced students/graduates (EaCES) - as well as those from orphaned, refugee and kinship-care - to bring together information and advice to help other students from the same background: including official support, our own experiences, and practical tips. The Handbook is designed to support students like us pre-entry, throughout our time in education/apprenticeships and post-graduation in ROI and UK.   


Support and Advice

The handbook has been split into sections to try and make it as easy as possible for you to find the advice you need:


The Basics - definitions, the Further/Higher Education application process and support

Practical Support - accommodation advice, careers advice including apprenticeships and more

Financial Support, Finances and Employment - making the most of your money, free things, extra money and employment rights

Taking Care of Yourself - advice for looking after your physical and mental wellbeing

Community and Activism - networking, meeting other people, joining societies, making change happen

Your Relationships - family relationships, friendships and support


Who is this aimed at?

Estranged and Care Experienced Students (EaCES) 

Although we initially designed this handbook for students, a lot of the information in here is helpful to all care experienced, refugee and estranged people: it is a hub that may be helpful to anyone growing up and into adulthood with limited family support.



Online 24/7 access



Support for the UK and the Republic of Ireland





How to get involved

To find the support relevant to you, please Visit The EaCES Handbook page on the EaCES website


If you have any feedback, queries or ideas for The EaCES Network or regarding The EaCES Handbook, please send us a message via our website or social media platforms and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Visit the Get in touch page on the EaCES Google docs website


Please note: because we are just students like you - and not a charity or formal organisation - we cannot support anyone directly and we are not trained professionals. 


Contact details


Message us via our website and social media platforms


For further information

For more information about EaCES search EaCES in this directory.


Visit the EaCES website

Visit the EaCES Instagram

Visit the EaCES X account



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