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Teenage Helpline

Teenage Helpline is a charitable organisation that provides services to young people across the UK. Our primary service involves putting young people in contact with peers, as well as providing peer-to-peer mentoring and other support that is required.

We are an organisation that is led with a youth focus to ensure that we are able to stay in touch with what young people want and need. This prevents us from losing focus on what is important to our service.


Our mission is to provide all young people with a safe space to work together to achieve their own best potential.


We offer information and support on Mental Health, Relationships and Sexuality, the Internet, Education, Life Skills and Careers.


You can contact our trained mentors, who can provide you with support. They are caring young people who can talk to you about any issues you are facing, such as Bullying. 


There are plenty of ways to get support if you’re being bullied, and it’s really important that you reach out to make sure that the right action is taken. Support can come in many forms when you are being bullied. You may need support to help you to cope with the impact that bullying has on your physical or mental health or support in stopping the bullying.


Teenage Helpline – You can contact our mentors anytime to talk about how you’re feeling. They will listen to your experiences, give you advice and help you find the right people to talk to about the bullying. You can also find more support and advice on our website, please Visit the Teenage Helpline Bullying page.


Who is this aimed at?

We aim to:

  • Support 5,000 young people through any difficult period in their life – whatever that may be – in our first 3 years
  • Bring young people together to support each other through peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Develop young people through volunteering opportunities, training and experiences
  • Keep with the times, and maintain our youth focus through integrating our Board of Young People with our management to help make key decisions





How to get involved

Please email or complete the online form Visit the Teenage Helpline Contact Us page.


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For further information

Visit the Teenage Helpline website

Visit the Teenage Helpline Contact Us page

Visit the Teenage Helpline Facebook page

Visit the Teenage Helpline Twitter




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