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Tailored Yarn Memories

Tailored Yarn Memories

Tailored Yarn Memories supports children in their journey through grief by making it easy for them to talk about their loved one who have passed away.
The retention of stable, coherent memories is essential in completing the mourning process.
This is an area children struggle with as their intellectual capacity and personality are still developing.
We believe that there is great value in stories which preserve the memory of a loved one who has passed away.
Tailored Yarn Memories brings comfort and healing to bereaved families through stories and artwork that preserves memories to guide them through grieving. Tailored Yarn Memories wants to work collaboratively with local authors to deliver creative writing and illustration workshops in schools, libraries and the community to ease the pain of grief and promote healing and resiliency to young people under ten.
We create specially designed fictional stories which preserve memories. These are like the popular idea of memory boxes but in the unique form of a literature legacy.
Here at Tailored Yarn, our mission is to bestow a specially designed book to every child facing grief or the loss of a significant person in their life.We are a community interest company that can apply for outside funding as well as operate profitable areas of the business like workshops. This enables us to give our books for free.


Who is this aimed at?

Children in their journey through grief



We are open every day



Please contact us for timings



Please contact us for details



Our services are fully funded so free of charge


How to get involved

To get involved please contact Gillian Seale and she will be happy to give you more information. We would welcome local volunteers to help us on our small team. 


Contact details

Phone: 07767 441391



For further information

For more information about Tailored Yarn Memories search Tailored Yarn Memories in this directory.


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