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Parenting Mental Health

Parenting Mental Health

Are you a parent of a young person suffering with poor mental health? Are you feeling alone? Need some support? You're in the right place.


At Parenting Mental Health we understand the unique and deeply impactful, far-reaching challenges that come with parenting a child with poor mental health and the essential role parents play in supporting them. Simply put, when a parent is fully supported, it’s more likely that their child will be too.

You can find connections in our private Facebook community, where more than 34,000 parents 'just get it', as well as a wide variety of tools and information that can help reframe the challenges and reconnect.



  • Learn more about the Partnering not Parenting Approach, developed by our founder Suzanne Alderson.
  • Access the book and bite-sized films.



  • Join more than  34,000 parents with 'lived experience' in our safe online community.
  • Access our support services including; Chat and Connect, Listening Circles and Daily Gratitudes.



  • Access our free guides on some of the common challenges facing parents.
  • Request more information on practitioners and local services.


Who is this aimed at?

This support is for parents of a young people suffering with poor mental health



You can access the Parenting Mental Health website at anytime 



Online resources, courses and peer support forums



Please enquire with the service


How to get involved

Access the website for resources and online courses.

Or join the private Facebook community group - a unique space where 33,000+ parents are sharing the experience of parenting a child with a mental health issue. With the option to post anonymously or as yourself, the group is a safe non-judgemental space, carefully and thoughtfully moderated, where others ‘just get it’.

Visit the Parenting Mental Health Facebook Group


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For further information

For more information about Parenting Mental Health search Parenting Mental Health in this directory.


Visit the Parenting Mental Health website

Visit the Parenting Mental Health Facebook page



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