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One Wirral CIC

One Wirral CIC, CH41 2QJ

One Wirral CIC

One Wirral CIC (Community Interest Company) is a social enterprise which brings organisations and people together to achieve bigger and better things for the people of Wirral.


We want to build healthier and more resilient communities by ensuring people have equal access to services that make their lives better, including those that go further than providing medical services alone. There are plenty of ideas out there run by organisations, small grassroots groups and individuals, aimed at helping people with non-clinical aspects of their lives which are key to their wellbeing.


We offer a place where they can collaborate with others and find support to maximise the impact of their efforts.


Why we are doing it?


  • Investing in people – supporting organisations in developing the potential of their staff via training, employment opportunities and staff wellbeing


  • Investing in our place – working with people and organisations collaboratively to improve the places we live in


  • Investing in projects – listening to the things the community are telling us would benefit them and supporting them to make them happen


Services and support


  • Bridging the Gap Together - Bridging the Gap Together is a project that will work to improve the lives of people with a life-limited illness, long-term condition or Long Covid


  • IVAR Project: Collaborating with elderly people to tackle health and inequalities - The IVAR project is about connecting health communities it is an 18-month support package (facilitated by the Institute for Voluntary Action Research) to enable cross-sector partnerships to address health inequalities


  • Cancer Prehabilitation - Helping patients have the best chance of recovery from their cancer treatment by supporting them to become more physically active


  • Health Coaches in Primary Care - An idea to prevent the developing of long term conditions and also help patients manage their long term conditions more effectively through lifestyle changes and choices


Who is this aimed at?

Open to all



One Wirral CIC, 2 Oxton Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 2QJ



This support is free


How to get involved

For information or support, please phone or email.


Contact details



Phone: 0151 294 4470


For further information

For more information about One Wirral CIC search One Wirral CIC in this directory.


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