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Muslim Community Helpline

Muslim Community Helpline

The Muslim Community Helpline is a confidential, non-judgemental listening and emotional support service. We are a national organisation and our helpline is for women, men, youth and children and was launched in 2007.


We’re here for you


We are here to help and support, whatever your needs, and have trained volunteers with many years of experience on hand five days a week.  We aim to provide a listening and emotional support service for members of the community in the United Kingdom.


The service operates


Monday to Thursday 10am till 1pm,

Friday 10am to 4pm (core hours)



To reflect the needs of our callers, we now have a brother joining us at MCH on Wednesday evening between 6.00-8.00 (accepting calls from Brothers and sisters). It is possible to make an appointment for that Wednesday evening service by being  in touch with us by email or, ringing the Helpline in operating times.


Helpline numbers: 020 8908 6715  or   020 8904 8193

For more information please see our Website


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