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M-PACT (Moving Parents and Children Together) Programme – Forward Trust

M-PACT (Moving Parents and Children Together) Programme - Forward Trust

Supporting your family to recover from the harms caused by gambling. The M-PACT programme has been supporting families for nearly 20 years. Up to 8 families at a time can participate in an M-PACT Gambling programme. The programme is delivered once a week for 8 weeks. Following that, families have an individual review session and a group reunion with fun activities. Each session lasts for approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. They are held after school and work hours, in a safe and friendly environment.


The Benefits of attending the M-PACT programme

  • Getting support for your whole family
  • Open and honest discussions about gambling and the impact it has had on your family, supported by trained staff in a safe environment.
  • Improved understanding of gambling and the harm caused
  • Improved family communication
  • Development of healthy coping strategies
  • Meeting others with shared experiences, building a community of support around you.


Who is this aimed at?

Families affected by substance misuse and children and parents with multiple and complex needs



The core programme consists of 10 sessions, please enquire with service for more details



The programme is delivered in various locations across the UK, for locations please enquire with service for more details


How to get involved

For more information or support, please get in touch by phone, email or via the website’s live chat feature


Contact details

Phone: 0151 703 0679



For further information

For more information about Forward Trust search Forward Trust in this directory.


Visit the M-PACT Programme page on the Forward Trust website

Visit theForwardFacebook page


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