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Legal Advice Service – JourneyMEN Wirral

56 Chester Street, CH41 5EA

Legal Advice Service - JourneyMEN Wirral

We are men’s mental health specialists.


Too often men in mental health crises find it difficult to access local service provision that meets their individual need in a timely manner. In many cases the consequence of falling through gaps in service provision leads to overstretched A&E departments and the criminal justice system picking up the pieces – resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes for men and immense cost within the health and judicial systems. In the most tragic cases the cost can be counted in lives lost to death by suicide. At JourneyMEN we are on a mission to change that.


Our aim is to provide an early intervention service that not only works with all agencies and services in our community, but actively channels men to our network before reaching crisis point. We can then plan a journey with more positive outcomes for each of them. Ultimately, we have a vision of better outcomes for all.


We offer care and support to men with their mental health. Working with them along their journey of recovery through re-integration into training, employment, socialising, and activities, tailored counselling and mental health support.


Our Legal Advice Service

Delivered online by Moorcroft Solicitors  – Every Monday from 12:30pm until 1:30pm

This service Aims to provide FREE information and advice on the legal challenges some men will face without the costs of seeking advice.

This is around Family Law Advice ONLY. An example of family law is advice around access to children. You need to be registered with the service to be able to access any of the other services/projects.


Who is this aimed at?

This service is open to men only.



This is accessible 7 days a week.



56 Chester Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5EA



Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.



There is no cost to access this.


How to get involved

To get involved visit the JourneyMEN website, Phone: 0151 792 9159 or Email:


Contact details

Phone: 0151 792 9159


Visit the JourneyMEN website


For further information

Visit the JourneyMEN Wirral InfoBank main page

Visit the JourneyMEN website

Visit the JourneyMEN Facebook page

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56 Chester Street, CH41 5EA


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56 Chester Street, CH41 5EA

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