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Global Trailblazing

Global Trailblazing

Global Trailblazing is an online youth club that brings together children from around the world to share a journey of learning, friendship and compassion.

Helping Kids Learn, Connect, Grow, Give Back & Have Fun.

When your child joins Global Trailblazing, they become a Global Trailblazer and will now have access through their own personal account to access over 85 learning quests and earn quest badges under our 6 core pillars.

Trailblazers can complete the tasks with parental support or independently and if they want to they can buddy up with fellow trailblazers to work together on quests.


Our 6 Core Learning Pillars

  • Life Skills
  • Kindness and Compassion
  • Purpose
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Innovation
  • The World Around Us

All the quests have been created to be parent led or self directed and can be modified according to the age of the trailblazer by the responsible adult in their world.

If they are older, then we would encourage them to be more detailed in their activities and if younger it can of course be simpler.


Regular Live Sessions

  • Weekly Fitness Zone and Chilll Zone - to support our members physical and mental health.
  • Fortnighty Showcase Sessions - for our trailblazers to show us the work they have been doing on their quests or perhaps to present to us if one of the quest tasks is to present to the community.
  • Fortnightly Guest Workshop Sessions - for our trailblazers to tap into a whole network of amazing trainers and facilitators to learn lots of new things on all sorts of topics.


Giving Back

Here at Global Trailblazing HQ we care a lot about paying it forward and giving back to society and that’s why it was important to for us to launch the Global Trailblazing Foundation alongside our fabulous online youth club.

Through projects and initiatives funded from the membership of Global Trailblazing and other fundraising activities, we will be supporting projects that will help disadvantaged children around the world.


Who is this aimed at?

Global Trailblazing is for any child (aged 5-14) around the world who has access to the internet.

Our intrepid future Global Trailblazer could currently be homeschooled, worldschooled, roadschooled, online schooled, go to mainstream/traditional classroom based school, or any other the many other ways families choose to raise their children and learn.

Our club is also a great place for children who struggle at school or in social situations and but really want to be part of a club and are happier in the online space.






Subscription payment - check with service for details.


How to get involved

Complete the registration form.

Visit the Register page on the Global Trailblazing website


Contact details

Visit the Contact Us page on the Global Trailblazing website


For further information

For more information about Global Trailblazing search Global Trailblazing in this directory.


Visit the Global Trailblazing website

Visit the Global Trailblazing Facebook page



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