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Genetic Alliance UK

Genetic Alliance UK

Website offering information for patients, families, children, and anyone interested in genetic conditions.


What We Do

Genetic Alliance UK is the largest alliance of organisations supporting people with genetic, rare and undiagnosed conditions in the UK. Our members and the people they support are at the heart of everything we do.


We advocate for fast and accurate diagnosis, good quality care and access to the best treatments. We actively support progress in research and engage with decision-makers and the public about the challenges faced by our community.


We produce information for patients, families and anyone interested in genetic conditions. Here you’ll find:

  • Information about the basics of genetics and inheritance of genetic conditions

  • Information about research, different types of genetic testing,

  • Genetic services in the UK and reproductive techniques for people at risk of passing on a genetic condition

  • Information for living with a genetic condition and much more


Who is this aimed at?

This is aimed at patients, families, children, and anyone interested in genetic conditions.



This is free for all to access


How to get involved

For more information and support, please visit the Genetic Alliance website.


Contact details

Phone: 0300 124 0441



For further information

For more information about Genetic Alliance UK search Genetic Alliance UK in this directory.


Visit the Genetic Alliance website

Visit the Genetic Alliance Facebook page



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