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Want to change the way you drink? You can do it with MyDrinkaware.


Keeping safe this summer, summer is here. Whether you are going on holiday, to a festival, or spending more time with friends and family outdoors, we have got advice and tips for you to have fun and keep safe during the summer months. 


Drinking alcohol in a heatwave is not a good idea, but if you do decide to drink, here is our advice to help you stay safe.

  • Drink plenty of water, alcohol is a diuretic, which means it encourages the kidneys to lose extra fluid. That is why you tend to go to the toilet to urinate (pee) much more when you drink alcohol. 
  • Alcohol also makes you sweat more. The combination of sweating more in the heat, and going to the toilet more, means you lose more fluid than you take in and become dehydrated unless you replace that lost fluid by drinking water.
  • Creating alcohol-free drinks with party appeal is easy. Choose a delicious mocktail and gain some delicious alcohol-free inspiration.


The health benefits of switching to low alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks are clear. In the short term, you are more likely to get a better night’s sleep; feel fresher in the morning and have a more productive day at work as a result. What is more, some lighter products are lower in calories, so your waistline will thank you too. If you would like to enjoy these mocktails while also keeping your calories in check you can also swap out sugary syrups for low-calorie alternatives.


Importantly, reducing the number of units you consume helps avoid the more serious long-term effects of drinking too much, including cancer, mental health problems, high blood pressure and heart disease.


Who is this aimed at?

Anyone that wants to cut down the amount of alcohol they drink



The Drink Aware website is available at all times.

You can call Drinkline Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm and at weekends between 11am and 4pm.



The Drinkaware provisions can be accessed via the Drinkaware website.



This is free to access for everyone


How to get involved

For support and information about reducing drinking visit the Drinkaware website.



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Phone: 0300 123 1110 



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