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Chace Space

92 Victoria Road, New Brighton, CH45 2JF

Chace Space

Chace Space is a none gender barber which is based at Rockpoint Records in New Brighton. Chace prides himself on being all-inclusive and 'open to all' and as someone with ADHD himself is very aware of the need for people who are patient and can accommodate those with sensory needs.

The venue is very chilled and there is only Chace as a barber upstairs so it is not overly noisy or overwhelming. Appointments can be made to ensure quiet and calm.


Who is this aimed at?

All are welcome



Tuesday to Sunday



Tuesday to Friday - 11am to 7pm

Saturday - 10am to 4pm

Sunday - 10am to 4pm



92 Victoria Road, New Brighton, Wirral CH45 2JF



Please enquire for details


How to get involved

No need to book, please just come along


Contact details

Phone: 07826 746417



For further information

For more information about Chace Space search  Chace Space in this directory.


Visit the Chace Space Facebook page



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