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Story Explorers at Home – Foundation Years Trust

Story Explorers at Home - Foundation Years Trust

Foundation Years Trust strongly believes that children’s first and most important teachers are their parents and carers. However, children do not arrive with a manual, and they grow and develop quickly. We understand that parents and carers want the best for their children and so we provide lots of ideas for activities families can fit into everyday routines that will make a big difference in children’s learning, development and even their relationships.


Story Explorers at Home

Foundation Years Trust are offering free fun baby sessions in your own home. The sessions are play based with a centre around the early sharing of books and stories with your baby.

You will receive three visits from a Story Explorer volunteer full of great activities and ideas of how to support your child's love of books from an early age. Your child will receive a free gift on last session.


Who is this aimed at?

Parents and their babies



Please enquire with Foundation Years Trust for details


How to get involved

Phone or email for more information on how to access Story Explorers at Home


Contact details


Phone: 0151 647 4830


For further information

For more information about the Foundation Years Trust search Foundation Years Trust in this directory.


Visit the Foundation Years Trust Facebook page

Visit the Foundation Years Trust website


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