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Singing Mamas Group with Charlie at Cub and Calf Parent Hub

Cub and Calf Parent Hub, 2a Grange Road, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 4HA

Singing Mamas Group with Charlie at Cub and Calf Parent Hub

Singing Mamas is all about feeling good. There are no auditions, no solos, no reading music. Just simple songs taught by ear. Your leader will sing the songs line by line and the group will echo it back until everyone knows it off by heart. ( We may add a harmony or two)


This singing circle is for all women, and babies and children are more than welcome to join in the fun too.


Why singing?

  • Joyful Connections: Singing together fosters a sense of community and connection. It's a beautiful way to make new friends and strengthen bonds with other wonderful women in our community.
  • Stress Buster: Life can get hectic, but when we sing, we release endorphins – the feel-good hormones that help reduce stress and anxiety. It's the perfect midweek pick-me-up!
  • Boosts Mood: Singing has a magical way of uplifting our spirits. Whether you're belting out a power ballad or harmonizing with others, it's a surefire mood booster.


NHS 5 Ways to Wellness

Singing Mamas aligns perfectly with the NHS's 5 Ways to Wellness:

  • Connect: Forge new friendships and strengthen existing ones.
  • Be Active: Singing is an active and enjoyable way to get moving.
  • Take Notice: Be present in the moment, immersed in the joy of singing.
  • Keep Learning: Learn new songs, tunes, and harmonies
  • Give: Share the gift of music with others and uplift the entire community.


It's a space for everyone to come together and create harmonious memories. We always make time for a cuppa and some cake.


Who is this aimed at?

All women, all ages welcome: We're inclusive of women at all stages of life – from our littlest ones to our experienced singers.









Cub and Calf Parent Hub, 2a Grange Road, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 4HA



Please enquire with the service provider about session costs


How to get involved

Please phone or come along for more details


Contact details

Phone: 07951 541441


For further information

For further information on Singing Mamas Wirral with Charlie search Singing Mamas Wirral with Charlie in this directory


Visit the Singing Mamas Choir website

Visit the Singing Mamas Wirral with Charlie Facebook page



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