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Rainbow Birthing – Elsie’s Moon

Serpentine Road Family Church, CH44 0AA

Rainbow Birthing - Elsie's Moon

Elsie’s Moon aims to support families when pregnancy doesn’t follow the plan.


Rainbow Birthing - Introduction to Antenatal & Hypnobirthing

Elsie's Moon is holding a Rainbow Birthing event for a sibling following the loss at the Serpentine Road Family Church on various Saturdays during the year 2024.

Elsie's Moon invites and your rainbow bump (24+ weeks gestation) to join us for a block of two sessions of birthing (please only book onto the first session to secure your space for both).

We have created these sessions as we recognise the high anxiety of families during their rainbow pregnancy. Everyone in the room will 'get it', our instructor is incredible and has adapted the sessions for our families, and you will never be asked 'Is this your first'. We hope the sessions build families' confidence, reduce isolation and build connections with others.

The sessions will focus on hypnobirthing techniques such as breathing exercises, relaxations and positive language and thought. We will also discuss ways to encourage and promote the birth you desire, the process of induction of labour and coping mechanisms to aid you in your labour. The sessions are informal and relaxed and will be open for discussion and questions during, or after the session


Who is this aimed at?

Families during pregnancy after loss, and for after loss (not pregnancy).



Saturday 6th January 2024

Saturday 2nd March 2024

Saturday 4th May 2024

Saturday July 6th 2024

Saturday 7th September 2024

Saturday 2nd November 2024






Serpentine Road Family Church, Small Hall, 100 Liscard Road, Wallasey, Wirral CH44 OAA



All courses are free but please book in advance.


How to get involved

Please get in touch by email or phone. The places are fully funded session by Elsie's Moon. We have limited spaces available and will open up a waiting list once all the spaces have been booked. We understand anxiety may creep in, or other plans may come up - we ask that you please let us know if you are unable to attend so we can offer any space to others. Please only book if you can commit to both sessions in this birthing course.


Contact details

Phone: 07956 539 772



For further information

For more information about Elsie's Moon search Elsie's Moon in this directory.


Visit the Elsie's Moon website

Visit the Elsie's Moon Facebook page





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