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Happy 60th Birthday – Wirral Mencap

Happy 60th Birthday - Wirral Mencap

Wirral Mencap has been supporting people with learning disabilities and their families since 1963.

It was a different organisation then. The parents and families who formed the volunteer committee met in each other’s houses and in the very early days the newsletter was handwritten. But lots of things were different back then. A pint of milk was eightpence ha’penny. That’s the equivalent of 7p.


Get involved in our 60 day challenge to celebrate and support our birthday. Individuals, families and corporate supporters can take part. You can join a current fundraiser or create your own with our support.


Who is this aimed at?

Everyone is welcome



Please enquire for details



Please enquire for details


Contact details

Phone: 0151 666 1829



For further information

For more information about Wirral Mencap search Wirral Mencap in this directory.


Visit the Wirral Mencap website



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