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Earth Moves

Earth Moves, Green Lane, Wallasey CH45 8NA

Earth Moves is a Wirral-based grassroots community initiative providing educational, creative, ecotherapy and horticultural experiences.

At Earth Moves, we tackle different issues, such as social isolation, environmental degradation, and mental health. We promote healthy eating, ecological sustainability, and ecotherapy. We facilitate community engagement, linking the arts and horticulture.


Creative activities such as dance and art enable people to focus on wellbeing, personal transformation, and immersion in nature. We do this through various workshops and events. We seek to empower people to unite and make positive changes in the local community.


We offer an interdisciplinary approach to well-being and building community. We believe in mutual aid, peer learning, and working collectively. We are a not-for-profit that adheres to cooperative and ethical values.

We provide workshops, retreats, courses, and consultancy. We believe that immersion in art, creativity, meditation, and the natural world are ways to enhance performance, productivity, mood, and health.

Our research and experience show that safe and healing spaces are essential for mental and physical health. We provide places where people can express themselves and connect to themselves and each other.


Who is this aimed at?

Open to all



Earth Moves, Green Lane, Wallasey CH45 8NA



Please enquire directly for details


How to get involved

To see our full list of events and sign up by booking your ticket, please Visit the Earth Moves Events page on the Eventbrite website


Contact details

Phone: 0794 456 4302



For further information

For more information about Earth Moves search Earth Moves in this directory.


Visit the Earth Moves Website

Visit the Earth Moves Facebook Page



Earth Moves, Green Lane, Wallasey CH45 8NA
0794 456 4302 


Quick contact

Earth Moves, Green Lane, Wallasey CH45 8NA
0794 456 4302 

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