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Digital Workshops – Family Fund

Digital Workshops - Family Fund

Our purpose is to improve the lives of low-income families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people.

Our mission is to provide items and services to all low-income families in the UK raising disabled or seriously ill children, that they could not otherwise afford or access, and that help improves their quality of life, realise their rights, and remove some of the barriers they face.

Our vision is that all families raising disabled or seriously ill children have the same choices, quality of life, opportunities and aspirations as other families.


Discover Digital Workshops

Our creative workshops are fun for your child and family. Our support workshops are aimed at parents/carers to help get your device set up safely.

Family Fund has a series of FREE Digital Workshops online for families with disabled or seriously ill children or young people and siblings are welcome to join.


Who is this aimed at?

Children and families



Wednesday 22nd May 2024 - Creative Coders from 6pm to 7pm
Wednesday 29th May 2024 - Ipad DJ Superstars from 10:30am to 11:30am
Thursday 30th May 2024 - Documentary Dynamos from 10:30am to 11:30am
Tuesday 11th June 2024 - Awesome advertisers from 6pm to 7pm
Wednesday 26th June - Create a Thankyou E-Card from 6pm to 7pm

Please check the Family Fund website for availability



Online via Zoom





How to get involved

To book onto a workshop please Visit the Digital Workshops page on the Family Fund website


Contact details

Phone: 01904 550055



For more information

For more information about Family Fund search Family Fund in this directory. 


Visit the Family Fund website

Visit the Family Fund Facebook page




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