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Deva Roman Experience – Big Heritage

Deva Roman Experience, Pierpoint Lane, Off Bridge Street, CH1 1NL

Deva Roman Experience - Big Heritage

Big Heritage are an award winning social enterprise connecting museums, schools and communities with the past. We operate, manage and protect a number of historic locations and museums which we have developed to become tourist attractions.


The Deva Roman Experience will take you on a voyage back through time 2000 years ago to Roman Britannia where the fortress of DEVA Victrix is welcoming visitors from far and wide. Join our legion and help us expand our mighty roman empire.

Through a meticulously designed set, let our talented ensemble of characters immerse your senses in our Roman bath house, market street, and amphitheatre as you watch the drama unfold as Gladiators fight it out to the death!

With 7 actor led shows, special effects, cutting edge projection mapping and real archaeology on site will you adjust to the Roman way of life or remain a measly pleb in the ways of the emperor?


Visit today to experience the history of Roman Chester by putting yourself right in the middle, rather than just looking through glass.


Who is this aimed at?

Everyone is welcome



Opening hours vary depending on school terms, please check our website for details

Tours run at set times each day - please check the booking engine for specific time slots



Find us in the City Centre of Chester, just behind the iconic Rows.

Deva Roman Discovery Centre, Pierpoint Lane, Off Bridge Street, Chester CH1 1NL England



Prices vary, please see our website for details

Under 5s go free


How to get involved

To book your tickets, please Visit the Book now page on the Deva Roman Experience website


Please note: Sensory Advice - Strobe lighting, water splashes, loud noises and bad smells will be used during your visit. Please be aware that these features will be present at various points during your experience, if you would like to be made aware before these happen, please advise the team as you arrive.


Contact details

Phone: 01244 343407



For further information

For more information about DEVA Roman Experience search DEVA Roman Experience in this directory.


Visit the Deva Roman Experience website

Visit the Deva Roman Experience Facebook page


For further information

For more information about Big Heritage search Big Heritage in this directory.


Visit the Big Heritage website

Visit the Big Heritage Facebook page





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