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Creative Workshops – PLACED Academy

Creative Workshops - PLACED Academy

PLACED specialises in place education and engagement, developing knowledge and community insights into the built environment. We believe that everyone is an expert when it comes to the places where they live, work or spend time. We bring collaboration and diversity to discussion around the built environment, creating opportunities for quality conversations and genuine engagement.


Creative Workshops

If you are aged 14 to 18 and interested in a future career in construction or other aspects of the built environment, or have an interest in how your local area can be built as a better place, M&Y Construction (the builders of the new New Ferry redevelopment scheme) will be running a series of creative workshops during school holidays between February and July 2024.


As well as taking part in activities and having some fun, you'll be able to learn about possible careers and how to develop skills and access training to help you get a job in the future.


Who is this aimed at?

Ages 14 to 18



Between February 2024 and July 2024



This programme is free to access


How to get involved

Visit the Placed Academy Programmes page on the Placed website


Contact details

Phone: 0796 823 7280



For further information

For more information about Placed Academy search Placed Academy in this directory.


Visit the PLACED Academy website

Visit the PLACED Academy Facebook page





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