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Crafts and Chat – PaNDAS Wirral

Wonderland Parties, 290A Hoylake Road, Moreton, CH46 6AF

Crafts and Chat - PaNDAS Wirral

PaNDAS Wirral welcomes all parents who may be struggling with their mental health and those supporting a parent who may be struggling. We're here to be a listening ear, a platform for you to share and a place to meet others who may have similar concerns.


We hold our support session each week led by volunteers who like you are living with maternal mental illness. We meet to support each other and feel connected to those who are empathetic and understand what we are going through.

You do not need any form of diagnosis to come to a session; we are there for you no matter where you are in your journey to offer peer support. 


Crafts and Chat

Our support group is open to all but places are limited to maintain the safety of the group.

When you book on you are securing your place for one month at a time, but there is no pressure to attend all dates in the month.
Young children are welcome but the activities are mostly adult with some play mats out for younger babies. 


Who is this aimed at?

For all parents struggling with mental health, children are welcome to come to all sessions.



Monday evening - starting on Monday 4th September 2023



7pm to 8:30pm



Wonderland Parties, 290A Hoylake Road, Moreton, Wirral CH46 6AF





How to get involved

Pre-bookings only so please Visit the BookWhen page on the PaNDAS Wirral website


Contact details

Phone: 0808 1961 776



For further information

For more information about PaNDAS Wirral search PaNDAS Wirral in this directory.


Visit the PaNDAS Foundation Wirral support group Facebook page

Visit the PaNDAS Foundation Wirral website



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