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BTR Tour of Merseyside

BTR Tour of Merseyside

BTR Liverpool are the leading independent organisation for creating, managing and delivering headline running events across the Liverpool City Region.

We strive to inspire, motivate and encourage the local running community - from beginners taking part in the first organised event, through to experienced runners chasing a personal best. BTR events are for everyone.


BTR Tour of Merseyside

The Tour of Merseyside is an amazing week of running which takes in six different venues across Merseyside and covers fifty-two miles over seven days. Each race is different in distance, location and terrain. It's challenging but very rewarding at the same time.

The original Tour concept was created by Dr. Ron Hill in the early 80's as a Double Marathon challenge as everyone had caught marathon fever back in 1981 with the launch of the London Marathon. The Tour was a different kind of challenge and as far removed from the mass participation offered by London and many other marathons at the time.

The Tour offers more than just a series of races, it really is a special event because of the friendship it offers and the support that it delivers as the week goes by. Once you have taken part in the Tour of Merseyside it will remain a treasured running memory for many, many years.


The big question everyone asks.... do you run or rest on the day off on Wednesday?


Who is this aimed at?

BTR events are open to entrants aged 17 and over 



Dates vary each year, usually in the months of June and/or July - see website for details



Different venues across Merseyside



Entry fees vary, please see our website for details


How to get involved

Online registration is essential as places are limited. To register for your event, please Visit the Run ABC Registration platform

Supporters and volunteers are welcome and cheering is encouraged.

Please note: We cannot take event entries over the phone.  You enter BTR events on the understanding that once the entry is accepted it is not possible to provide refunds, deferrals or entry transfers outside your statutory rights period. 


Contact details



For further information

For more information about BTR Liverpool search BTR Liverpool in this directory.


Visit the BTR Liverpool website

Visit the BTR Liverpool Facebook page



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