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Autism Friendly Screenings at The Light Cinema

Marine Point, CH45 2HZ

Autism Friendly Screenings at The Light Cinema

The Light Cinema hosts Autism Friendly Screenings at the Light Cinema. We regularly schedule relaxed screenings designed for guests with autism and their friends to enjoy. 


These screenings are designed to help people with sensory sensitivity enjoy the cinema. To make these screenings more comfortable, the sound is turned down and the lights are only dimmed, not turned off. Guests are welcome to move seats if they want and are welcome to bring in their own food.


Our autism-friendly screenings are also ideal for youngsters and adults with learning disabilities and for those who would prefer a more sensory-friendly environment.


Who is this aimed at?

This is aimed at those with autism



Please see website for the next screening Visit the Light Cinema website



Please see the website for details



The Light Cinema, Marine Point, New Brighton, CH45 2HZ



Please see the website for details


How to get involved

Tickets can be booked in person at the Box Office, or via our website

Visit the Autism-Friendly bookings on the Light Cinema website


Contact details

Phone: 0151 214 1370



For further information

For more information about The Light Cinema search  The Light Cinema in this directory.


Visit the Light Cinema website

Visit the Light Cinema New Brighton Facebook page



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