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30 Days Wild – The Wildlife Trusts

30 Days Wild - The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts are a grassroots movement of people from a wide range of backgrounds and all walks of life, who believe that we need nature and nature needs us.

There are 46 individual Wildlife Trusts, each of which is a place-based independent charity with its own legal identity, formed by groups of people getting together and working with others to make a positive difference to wildlife and future generations, starting where they live and work.


30 Days Wild

The UK's biggest nature challenge! 

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts' annual challenge event, where everyone involved does one wild thing a day throughout the month of June.

Sign up today and receive a free pack in the post, plus lots of inspiration for activities.  Imagine a month dedicated to exploring the wonders of nature, from the majestic red kites soaring above to the humble bees buzzing in our gardens.


Who is this aimed at?

Everyone is invited, individuals and families, care homes, schools and businesses



June (annually)








How to get involved

To find out more and to sign up for your free pack, please Visit 30 Days Wild page on the The Wildlife Trusts website

You can also view our social media pages to get ideas and see what wild activities people have got up to in previous years.


Contact details

Phone: 01636 677711



For further information

For more information about The Wildlife Trusts search The Wildlife Trusts in this directory.


Visit the The Wildlife Trusts website

Visit the The Wildlife Trusts Facebook page



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